Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBSStreamlabs OBS is an Open Source Software you can use for an easy start into live-streaming on your desired platform: Twitch, Youtube, Facebook or Dailymotion.

You only need a few clicks to get started and set up your stream. In addition to the regular OBS software you can find a lot of free features, including a donation-feature, overlays, twitch alerts and a chat.

Streamlabs Download – free

Download the newest Streamlabs OBS software directly from and begin streaming within only 2 minutes. Using the software is completely free of charge and is used by a lot of huge streamers like DrDisrespect, summit1g, Ninja or LIRIK.

Set Up Streamlabs

Right after the installation you can choose the platform you want to use and configure the first settings. When you select for example you have to authorize Streamlabs and grant access to it. Streamlabs needs this authorization to read your personal stream-key and send data back to This is necessary so StreamLabs is able to change your channel title, the game or even send the stream itself to the Twitch servers.
You can de-authorize this anytime onĀ

Right after completing the first step you get the option to import previous scenes into your StreamLabs from your Streamlabs-Account. New users will not have any scenes, but if you are going to install it on a new or another device, you will find this feature very useful. All scenes will get synchronized and stored in the Streamlabs online cloud – to get rid of the risk of losing any scene.

So for new Streamlabs users the next step would be: Creating your own scene for your stream. You can see this scene as your canvas or your stage where you can place and modify all the items that you want to show in your stream. This could be your webcam, some donation goal, the twitch chat and of course your gameplay-capture-window. You can find a lot of features and elements you can add here, and don’t forget all the useful Streamlabs widgets i.e. Follower-Goal, Event-List, Alertbox or your current Viewercount. Every widget is pre-configured but can be changed and personalized by you.

The next step is processed by Streamlabs itself – the software will analyze your hardware and your internet connection to set up the best configuration matching to your streaming-setup.

Streamlabs Sources

These are all the sources that you can display on your scene:

  • Image
  • Colour Source
  • Browser Source
  • Media Source
  • Image Slide Show
  • Text (GDI+)
  • Display Capture
  • Window Capture
  • Game Capture
  • Video Capture Device
  • Audio Input Capture
  • Audio Output Capture

Streamlabs Sources

Streamlabs Widgets

  • Alertbox
  • Event List
  • The Jar
  • Donation Goal
  • Follower Goal
  • Bit Goal
  • Donation Ticker
  • Chatbox
  • Stream Boss
  • Credits
  • Viewer Count
  • Spin Wheel
  • Stream Label

Streamlabs OBS Download

This is where you can find Streamlabs:

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