Streamlabs Chatbot

Streamlabs ChatbotThe Streamlabs Chatbot is a free Software Expansion for Streamlabs Streaming Software. This Chatbot offers various options, features and can assume a lot of tasks for you while you concentrate on your stream and your community.

In this post we will show you all the Streamlabs Chatbot features in detail and how to use them.



Streamlabs Chat Bot Dashboard

In the Dashboard you can find all options and features you can use with the Chatbot.

  • Title & Game
    This is the feature you need to set up the correct game and a corresponding title on Twitch. You can also select your twitch community here.
  • Automated Hosting
    Set up automated hostings to give something back to your friends and provide entertainment while you are offline
  • Raid Assist
    Plans on raiding another channel? With this raid-assist you can use personal messages and reward every participant with loyalty points.
  • Manual Commercials
    If you already are partnered on Twitch you can play advertisement clips right from your Chatbot with either 30,60,90,120,150 or 180 seconds length.
  • Automated Commercials
    Play automated commercial-clips after a pre-defined timespan to earn money as a Twitch partner.


This is the place where you can find an overview of all your current Twitch subscribers including name, type of subscription, start and end-date of the subscription.


There is no chatbot without commands. Within this option you can define various commands i.e. posting your Twitter profile when someone uses a command like !Twitter in your chatroom. You can set parameters and permissions to avoid spamming and rewarding loyal viewes with additional commands.
Every command can be combined with a soundfile.

These are some of the most-favorite commands you should add to your chatbot

!uptime$mychannel is already live since: $uptime.
!discordLink to your Discord Server
!instagramLink to your Instagram Profile
!twitterLink to your Twitter Profile
!facebookLink to your Facebook Page
!youtubeLink to your YouTube Channel
!hardwareShow the hardware you're using
!followersChannel $mychannel currently has $readapi($mychannel) Follower.
!since$tousername, you're following $mychannel since $readapi($mychannel/$touserid?precision=3).
!statsCurrent Game: $mygame | Current Title: $mystatus | Uptime: $uptime | Viewercount: $readapi($mychannel)
!newfollowers3 Newest Follower: $readapi($mychannel?count=3&direction=desc)!

There are also a few commands that are already predefined in the Chatbot:

  • !Game Title
    Changes your current game
  • !Status New Status
    Use this to set a new status for your stream
  • !Death


Timers are timed messages that your bot will post for you. You can use this to remember your viewers to be active in chat, follow your instagram or buy your merch. You can define them in any way you want.
If you add a Timer there will also be a matching command with the same name. You can set any desired timeframe within “Interval (min)” until the command will be posted in chat again


Quotes are exactly what the name says. Every user with the required permiossion can add your quotes to this collection. Every quote has a timestamp and a unique ID.

Extra Quotes

Extra Quotes is an additional quote-collection that do not neccessarily need to be quotes. You can just use this for anything you want. The standard command is !gif but can be changed in the way you like.

Give Away

Giveaways are a great opportunity to build your community and reward your loyal fans. Use this feature within the Streamlabs Chatbot to give away Game Keys, Hardware, Merchandise or just virtual love! You can adjust who is egible to participate in the giveaway or you can give preference to Subscribers or Followers.


You want your viewers to be your DJ during the stream? With this feature you can enable the song-request where users can request music from YouTube or Spotify that will be played in your stream.


Ever wanted to play together with your viewers but you can’t decide who you’ll choose first? Your viewers can add themselves into the queue and you can randomly draw the lucky winners or just go through the complete queue one by one.


Did you ever play Dark Souls? One feature you will need when playing this, is a Death Counter. This is the feature you should use for any counters. Your users can increase the count by using the command for you and your bot will output the current value.


Most streamers use some kind of own currency they give out to active viewers. If you want to use this lovalty-system this is the feature you need to use. You can give out loyalty points for follow, hosting, subscriptions or raids. You can also find a list of every viewer that already received some currency and can edit them. You can see a table with every single viewer and his hours-viewed. If you want to use ranks you can define them and classify every viewer-group.


This is the place where you can see every viewer that ever viewed your stream (when he was logged in). You can see his name, status, raids and blacklist entrys. You can also blacklist viewers for some of your features like giveaway or any of your commands.


You can use 4 minigames to entertain your viewers: Heist, Duel, Free For All and Boss Battle.


Don’t know which game to play next? Let your users vote for their desired game. The chatbot will calculate and post the result for you.


Want your users to bet on any events? Do your viewers belive that you can do the next level without dying? Let them bet with their earned currency. Every bet-option can be used with procentual withdrawal and minimum/maximum entry.


Do you have some special guests that you want to greet with an unique message and even a soundfile? This is the feature where you can set it up!

Mod Tools

Just like the Twitch Nightbot the Streamlabs Chatbot offers some basic tools for moderation: Caps-Protection, Symbol-Protection, Link-Protection and Bad-Word-Protection. Use this feature to keep your chat clean and safe and get rid of spammers.


Next to the Alerts-Widgets in Streamlabs you can use this feature to post queries as a whisper-message or as a text-chat in your channel. You can do this for follow, host, subscription, cheer, streamlabs donation, Gamewisp or Extra Life.


If you have already linked your Discord to your Streamlabs Chatbot you can use this feature to let your bot promote your channel in your discord whenever you go live!


Your chatbot can run Python-scripts for you. You can find a lot of free scripts and minigames in the official Streamlabs Chatbot Discord

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